Welcome to the Goodsport Trust

Our vision is to create a national framework for physical education and sport that gives all South Africans the opportunity to grow, advance, compete and excel, regardless of economic circumstances, or social and cultural background.

We are working on attracting sponsorship from government and companies who have an interest in corporate social investment. The Goodsport Trust programme is our passion and our pride and we hope to take it forward in the years to come, expanding to new schools and providing employment and career opportunities to other young individuals in our communities.

Developing youth through physical education

Physical Education

Our core focus is good quality physical education for ALL, long-term coach development, infrastructure development and facilities development.

Coach Development

Our long-term coach development programme focuses on employment, education, youth development and leadership.


The Goodsport Trust’s SAQ Training Courses provide coaches, teachers and trainers with the skills to develop and improve performance, fundamental and inclusive movement.

Our Projects

The Goodsport Trust vision focuses on socio-economic development through education, training, youth development, skills development and community upliftment.